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We offer you a few moments of mindfulness and rest in the videos below. We hope you access them when you need a few moments to still your mind, body, and heart. As a beginner to meditation, it is important to remember that as the listener, you have control over your experience. In these meditations, the facilitator will be offering suggestions to you.  Sometimes the suggestions or word phrasing may not work for you. Feel free to substitute your own.  Among the benefits of meditation is that it can bring clarity and ease to the body, mind, and emotions. If, however, you are experiencing overwhelming anxiety or fear related to previous trauma, you might need to consult an expert in that area for additional support.

Mary Robinson

Body Scan Meditation 19:21 - This meditation is an opportunity to experience your body in a relaxed and caring manner becoming acquainted with the wholeness and wonder of the physical self. Guided attention provides the gift of awareness.

Mindfulness of Breath 18:37 - Simply paying attention to the breath that is always with us is an opportunity to settle and quiet the mind. Turn inward to breathing while letting thoughts and emotions come and go like passing clouds in the sky.

Lake Meditation 10:23 - Quiet the mind. Calm the heart as you focus on still waters held in a beautiful lake. A meditation for rest and relaxation.

Maggie Stevens

Mindfulness of Breath and Body 13:10 - This meditation invites the listener to be curious about their breath as they scan the sensations in the body.

Mindfulness of Thoughts 13:00- This meditation is based on the work of Joseph Goldstein. The meditation allows us to observe thoughts as they move through our minds.

Compassion Meditation 12:32 - This meditation is based on the work of Jack Kornfield. The meditation is designed to open one's heart to others, ourselves and the world.

Kandy Love

Posture For Good Health 3:38 - Good posture and health are a team. The use of a yoga belt can help with good posture leading to improved health. This video demonstrates “Belting Your Chest” for rib cage support and better breathing.

Stacey Brown

Shadow Art 2:06 - Take a break from the serious work of examining and understanding the way your mind and emotions work for a little while. Walk outside and get some sunshine. Look for the beauty all around you. Notice the plants that our Earth provides for us. Let’s focus on another type of shadow work. Loosen up and see beyond your fears. Be present. Breathe deeply. Slow down. Have fun.

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